Shadow Health's Pediatric simulations provide students the opportunity to engage with patients ranging in age from 3 months old to 15 years old, presenting with a range of chief complaints, and their caregivers.


Students will meet patient Gabriel while he is experiencing an asthma exacerbation. Complete a PAS assessment then return after interventions have been carried out to perform a follow-up assessment. Interview Gabriel and mom Yvonne to determine the cause of the exacerbation then educate the patient and caregiver to prevent recurrences.

Student Testimonials

Excellent program for both beginner and proficient nurses.

Shadow health is a great example of what should be done and it teaches you a lot.

I thought the overall experience was great, and I learned a lot about the interviewing process.

I really enjoyed this simulation. I thought it provided a much more "real" type of situation in comparison to [other simulations]. It really allowed us to critically think and care for patients the way we would rather than prompted or pre-set questions/answers.

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