Think like an OB nurse in Shadow Health’s Maternal Health Digital Clinical Experiences. Students engage with mothers in prenatal, intrapartum, and immediate postpartum periods.


Students examine Daanis LaFontaine, at the hospital with mother Rebecca. Daanis is in labor with her first child. The safety of mother and baby needs to be considered, as well as Daanis’s comfort while she labors. Students work with Daanis to create a birth plan while incorporating her wishes and providing important education throughout.


I enjoyed the unique maternal assessments.

I liked that I was guided on what to say to the patient. This really helped, especially because it was all new.

I found this very valuable to my learning. I liked how I was responsible for the teaching and conversations with the patient. It pushed me to recall my knowledge and put it in to practice.

I really liked these assignments because It helped me gain a better understanding on how to take care of a patient in labor. This also eased my nerves since It wasn't a real life patient.

Shadow health is a great tool to continue to grow my interview and assessment skills.

I like that this in comparison to the [other] simulations that we have really makes you think critically and feels like a real life situation. It gets you thinking about the big picture but also the focus assessment and learning aspects of patient care such as empathy and education which is key.

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