Students build a strong foundation of pathophysiology knowledge to support clinical decision-making for the diagnosis and treatment of common disorders.

Concept Labs

These concept labs are designed to support student understanding of advanced pathophysiology through the structures, functions, and alterations of 5 major body systems in order to help students prepare for their new role as an advanced provider.

Students begin with Cells, Genes, and Tissues, then explore the Nervous, Pulmonary, Cardiovascular, and Gastrointestinal systems.

Anatomy and Physiology Review

In each Concept Lab students review the major organs of specific body systems as well as the organ and system functions. Learners will be able to describe the normal structure and physiological function of body systems across the lifespan.


Through the Advanced Pathophysiology Concept Labs, students’ comprehension of disease etiology will be explored. As an advanced provider, students must be prepared to compare different signs and symptoms in order to make diagnostic decisions. Each concept lab focuses on a number of high value alterations for students to be familiar with.

Clinical Application Questions

Learners will integrate knowledge of physiology and pathophysiology to health promotion and disease prevention across the lifespan in the clinical application questions. Students receive feedback on incorrect selections and must achieve a correct answer in order to progress in the lab.


This exercise reviews the knowledge that I learned in patho course, this is reinforced my skills in clinical as nurse practitioner.

Images and clips really helped visualize and learn the disease processes as well as the A&P. Visuals are huge in helping new learned materials "stick".

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