In the Shadow Health's Advanced Health Assessment course, students practice their communication, physical assessment, and documentation skills through their care of Digital Standardized Patient Tina Jones, as well as several other patients across the lifespan.



Esther Park is a 78-year-old woman who usually enjoys good health but is currently having abdominal pain and reports having trouble going to the bathroom. When students perform a focused abdominal exam to explore her past medical history, they can uncover a detailed reproductive and surgical history.

Features of the Digital Clinical Experience

Single System Examination

Shadow Health’s patient cases are designed for both novice and expert students to practice communicating with and examining patients. The Advanced Health Assessment patient case is a series of single-system examinations of Tina Jones during several clinic visits over the course of a simulated year, which students have found useful in preparing for their clinicals. This case also provides students with the opportunity to document their findings to assist in synthesizing the data they have discovered during the interaction.

Focused Exams

Each of these focused exams covers a different chief complaint providing students opportunities to examine multiple body systems. During each Digital Clinical Experience, students may perform a focused respiratory, abdominal, or cardiovascular exam to explore related systems and symptoms, and practice communicating with patients about their health, home life, and cultural beliefs.

Concept Labs

Concept labs are immersive tutorials that illustrate complex topics. Concept labs include examples of real body sounds and realistic, 3D anatomical body models to compare and contrast normal and abnormal findings. The interactive interface of these concept labs can be used to explore body systems at an in-depth level. These experiences bring classroom concepts to life.

Immediate Feedback

Each assignment provides students with immediate feedback and gives faculty the opportunity to review both individual student and class performance on each simulation. Our Results Book allows for flexible grading strategies and provides students with multiple areas of feedback including model answers and documentation.

Quality Matters Certified

Quality Matters (QM) is an international, US-based non-profit organization specializing in standards, processes, and professional development for quality assurance in online and blended learning. QM tools and resources are regularly revised to reflect current standards and best practices. When you see QM Certification Marks on courses or programs, it means they have met QM Course Design Standards or QM Program Review Criteria in a rigorous review process.

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I love the fact that you can interact with a virtual patient in a safe, judgement free environment. Makes it less anxious and more comfortable to learn better.

MSN Student / University of Cincinnati

This is a great resource because it shows one just how in-depth assessment is and how easy it is to get out of sorts and discombobulated, jumping all over the place. A great tool to practice and become proficient before applying it on real patients.

ANP Student / Grand Canyon University

I am enjoying performing these assessments on a virtual patient prior to performing them on an actual patient. I like the fact that you can perform all tests and that the equipment is available and easy to use.

FNP Student / McNeese State University

I am very impressed with the virtual digital learning which has improved my entire professional method on assessment, documentation, thinking critically and to carefully formulate a care plan necessary to manage the disease process.

CNE Student / Aspen University

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