Health Assessment Patients

Health Assessment

Nursing students practice critical thinking skills to synthesize data and record documentation during a clinical assessment. These patient cases are particularly useful for students who are preparing for their clinicals.

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Advanced Health Assessment Patients

Advanced Health Assessment

The advanced health assessment patient cases are educational experiences for advanced nursing, physician assistant, DNP and sport medicine students. Students find these patient cases useful in developing their clinical reasoning skills.

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Pharmacology Patients


The Pharmacology Digital Clinical Experience puts your classroom curriculum into a clinical context. Give your nursing students a safe, controlled learning environment where they can increase their confidence and competence. Challenge your students to go beyond rote learning.

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MCPHS publication

Evaluation of the use of a Virtual Patient on student confidence in performing physical assessment skills

The objective of this study was to assess student impressions about interacting with a Virtual Patient and confidence in their ability to complete a patient health history and perform physical assessment skills.

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SUNY Delhi publication

The Impact of a Cloud-Based Program on SLO's in an Online Health Assessment Course

SUNY Delhi utilized a 2013 Innovative Instruction Technology Grant (ITTG) to test the effectiveness of the use of Shadow Health, a one-of-a-kind digital clinical experience (DCE), on student learning outcomes in a health assessment course.

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Case Western publication

Using a Virtual Patient to Evaluate Advanced Assessment Skills

Communication, organization of the physical examination, and accurate documentation of findings are essential aspects of physical exam skills that need to be developed and refined by an advanced practice nursing student.

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